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Melanie is Pranic Healing Docent, Pranic Healer en Fashion Stylist



Melanie was born of an Irish/German father and a French mother. She grew up in Ireland and has also lived in France, Germany and the UK before moving to Amsterdam in 2011.

Melanie studied Fashion Business Management in Paris, France and has 15 years experience in the fashion industry working for sports brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Reiss, Rip Curl and Asics.


Melanie discovered pranic healing in July 2013 during a healing with Vivek Joshi and knew straight away that she wanted to learn as much as possible of this impressive healing method. She did her basic pranic healing workshop with Zoë later that year and then just kept going!


“I have always been interested in natural and complimentary therapies and was very happy to find such a practical and effective healing method, backed by 30 years of research carried out by the business man/chemical engineer/healer Master Choa Kok Sui in collaboration with a medical staff.


I find it fascinating to see that healing is not a gift given to a select few but something that each one of us can do and learn. The basic workshop is very accessible to all and gives valuable tools which you can apply straight away. I enjoy doing more pranic healing workshops to deepen my knowledge of healing as well as of myself.


Pranic healing helps me balance my physical, emotional and mental states.


I used to always travel with a natural remedy kit for common ailments such as insect bites, sunburn or tummy bugs, now all I need is my alcohol spray and some salt! Leaves more room in my suitcase for souvenir shopping. 


Twin Hearts Meditation is also a very accessible way to cleanse and increase your energy levels. I always struggled to meditate before but I find the guided cd very easy to follow and practicing Twin Hearts regularly helps me feel more peaceful, grounded and confident.


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